Applying Filters to your Stories

This guide will walk through the steps for adding filters to your stories. When adding a filter to your story, the data being used in the story will be reduced to a new filtered dataset.


You can apply a filter on the Story page at the top of the screen:




You can select as many filters as you like in order to tell the story you wish to see in Lexio. Maybe you want to learn about bookings for a specific salesperson. The example in the screenshot below shows that filter on the salesperson. The story will then update to be focused on only that filter.




You can also use the breakdown section to the right to filter the story. For example, if you were interested in the top-performing industry, you can explore by Industry and then click the industry that Lexio calls out for you. You can also click on the chart to initiate a filter.




Don't forget that you can bookmark these filter settings. This is especially valuable if you know you will be coming back to check on this version of a story. Learn more about bookmarking here.

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