Adding Users To Your Organization

Org Admin Workflow

If you have Org Admin permissions in Lexio, you will now see the Admin tab when you open the left sidebar. When you click on "Admin" in the left sidebar, you will be sent to a page where you will see tiles for all of the Lexio users that belong to your organization. 




Adding a New User to Your Org

To create a new Lexio user in your Org, click the '+New User' button in the top right corner. The new user will get a "Welcome to Lexio!" email notification once their user account has been created. The new user can then go through the flow of setting their password to finish the Lexio account creation process.



To change the role of an existing user, hover over the right-hand corner of the user tile and then click the three dots. This will allow you to change the role of the user to be 'Org Admin' or 'Member'. You can also remove them from the organization completely. If they are removed from the org, they will no longer have access to any of the stories in that organization.




Member Workflow

If you are a Member of an Org, follow the steps outlined in the Sharing Your Lexio Stories article to see how you can add people to your organization and share stories.


Note: When Org Admins add users, the new user will automatically have access to all stories within that organization. When a Member shares a story it creates a user tile in the organization's Admin page with that user's information, however, that new user will only have access to the specific story that the Member shared with them.

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