Adding a Target (Goal) to Your Story

Lexio now allows you to add performance targets to your stories so you instantly understand how you are doing relative to your goals.


When you are viewing a story, you will see a Goals section in the top right of your story. Click "Manage" and "Set Goals" to open a sidebar where you can input your target for that time period.




You can also change the time period of the goal. This is helpful if you operate with, say, a quarterly target but the story you are viewing is month-to-date. Lexio will use a prorated quarterly target and let you know how you are tracking towards your goal.


Screen_Shot_2019-06-24_at_6.03.09_PM.png                      Screen_Shot_2019-06-24_at_5.50.27_PM.png


Exit the sidebar by clicking "Manage" again, and Lexio will re-write the story with new commentary about performance relative to the goal.


Note that the goal is also specific to your filter setting. If we add a filter, the scope of the story changes and the goal will no longer be relevant, and you won't see the goal anymore. You can add a specific goal for each filter.



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