Changing the Time Frame of your Lexio Story

Lexio writes stories about different time frames, and the user can select the correct context for the story depending on the information they are interested in.


The time frame of any Lexio story can be modified directly from the Story page.




Lexio can write about different reporting time frames: Week, Month, Quarter, Year.




Lexio users can also select either LAST (complete) or THIS (cumulative to date) to provide further context about what they are interested in. "LAST" refers to the last full period (in this case, Month). If you are interested in a period-to-date story, you can change "LAST" this to be "THIS".




You will notice that the different time frames each have unique insights about your data. Certain stories will be more relevant than others depending on where you are in a given month, quarter, or year. Most users find the "Last" story to be most useful at the culmination of a period. And the "This" story can be a great status update or motivator mid-way through a period or as you approach crunch time at the end of a period.


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