Commenting in Lexio allows for easy communication so that users across your organization can ask questions and provide answers all in the context of the narrative. Comments are a great way to communicate a call-to-action, to start a dialogue, or just to give a simple shout-out for a job well done.




To create a comment, just highlight the text you want to comment on and click the commenting icon. Type your comment into the text box and click Post. To ensure the context of the comment is maintained, Lexio will create a snapshot of the story based on the time the story was written and any filters that were applied. All comments are associated with a specific snapshot of the narrative. 




You can mention other users in your organization to ensure they are notified of this comment and prompt them to respond. Typing the "@" symbol will bring up a list of users in the organization. Users who have been mentioned in a comment will receive an email notification and also an in-tool notification. 




Comments will only be visible to the creator of the comment and to anyone who is mentioned. You can also uncheck the "private" box to make the comment visible to everyone who has access to that app. In other words, this makes the comment public.


To delete a comment, click on the ellipsis and select "Delete comment".





Check out this video for more information!





Can I add/remove users to the chain? 

New users can be added to the comment thread by direct mentioning them in a reply.  At this time users cannot be removed from a private comment thread


Can I change the visibility to public/private?

The public vs private setting cannot be changed after the initial creation of the comment thread. Comment thread headers will reflect whether it is a public or private thread.


I can't find my comment. Where did it go?

It's possible that you are viewing a different version of the narrative. Comments are associated with specific snapshots of a story: the time it was written and any filters that were applied. This helps preserve the original context of the narrative on which the comment was made. The top of the narrative will have a gray bar to indicate you are looking at a snapshot of the story rather than the live view.

The Comments button in the top right allows you to view all of your comments, even those from different snapshots.


Can I delete other people's comments?

Admins can delete any comment they have access to (private threads they’re mentioned in or public threads)



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