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We pride ourselves on being hyper customer focused




You may have seen my blog post about exactly why that is and where we get inspiration. If you have, you’ll know that I’ve encouraged you to hold the team at Narrative Science accountable for delivering the best buying, onboarding, and overall customer experience you’ve ever had. We want to be every bit as good as your best business-to-consumer experience, if not better! 

Well, we are officially being put to the test. When we signed an early Lexio customer, we could not have been more excited. His name is Ray, and he works at Everfi. On the day he signed his contract, our team spoke with him over the phone,  and he said, “Onboarding is where I decide if I am going to renew or not.”

Being a Customer Success Manager (CSM), it’s my obligation to deliver the best onboarding experience possible. So naturally, I asked him point-blank on how to do that. Here’s how that conversation went:

What can we do to deliver an exceptional onboarding experience?

“Well, in my experience, really bad onboarding experiences are when the vendor team does everything, or worse, when they do nothing,” said Ray. 

So, what’s the sweet spot?  

“It’s hard when you evaluate new technology—knowing who is going to manage it, who is going to use it, who is going to train folks who need to get onboarded on it in the future. But in my opinion, when you have a business problem, you can either hire more tech or hire more people. I prefer to hire the tech, but it’s really hard when you ‘make that hire’ and then you don’t end up using it properly.”

How do we get the team to use it properly?

“You have to find people who have a business problem that your technology solves. If you have cool tech but you don’t have a business problem to solve, it’s a worthless expedition. Really good tech that solves a really big pain changes your workflow. Period.”

What’s the business problem we solve for you?

“As a marketing operations leader, I have three key responsibilities: 

  1. Technology: what is the right tech that can all connect to one another and make information flow seamlessly. (lean data routing, marketing tech tools, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc.) 
  2. Process: workflows, people, and infrastructure to ensure the ball never gets dropped as a lead moves through the funnel. 
  3. Insight Reporting: what is the information required so the business leaders can improve the process.

The insights part is hard for me. I get the data, but I spend so much time explaining it to others that I need a tool that allows me to get the information I need, which Lexio does, and fast, and then share it with the other people who need it to make decisions. Sure, I could do this on my own if I really wanted to, but I am the ops leader who wants to spend more time on the technology and process side of things rather than on the insights explanation, so Lexio is my silver bullet.”

Ray, you are basically an expert at Lexio already. How do I make you successful during the onboarding period?

“Every morning when I come in, I look at the Lexio report to get a high level of what I need to know and what’s going on.” 

And I thought, let’s start there.

  • Let’s start by mapping out the use cases you are already using Lexio for and let’s get you set up so you can get to them in three clicks or less.
  • Then, let’s map out people in your organization with a business problem that our technology solves.
  • Next, let’s co-create an awareness, training, and onboarding schedule and accountability plan that works to get these folks up and running with Lexio.
  • After that, let’s co-create a plan for me to share data on usage patterns that can illustrate whether or not the team is adhering to the prescribed program and determine what iteration or course correction may be needed to better support the team.
  • Finally, let’s determine a cadence for regular check-ins to ensure that your team continues to get more value out of Lexio and continues to be able to provide guidance to our product team to help us shape our product and create more value for you in the future.

My biggest challenge in delivering this?

Bullet point No. 1: tracking existing stories  

Until now.  

This was a feature on the roadmap. I made the case to our product team that there is no greater need for prioritization than a customer’s request for it. Now, users of Lexio have access to bookmarking, a feature that enables you to find a view of your data that answers a question that you need answered regularly and allows you to bypass all the noise and jump straight to the story you need most. How awesome is that?




Maybe even more impactful than this feature alone is this feature when sharing. Now with the click of a button, folks like Ray—that is, all Lexio users—can share and send their bookmarked view to their boss directly from Lexio. No more typing up long emails on Monday morning or Friday evening explaining your data to your boss. Simply three clicks to the story of your dreams and one more click to send. You can thank us later.  

Ray, we’re dedicating this release to you! We hope that bookmarking makes your onboarding experience unforgettable and the best you’ve ever had! We are so excited to be working with you and the team at Everfi. This is the beginning of a wonderful and long friendship, I am sure! 

Alright, how are we doing with this onboarding thing so far?

For everyone else trying to have a “Ray-like” experience, get started with Lexio. Test it, critique it, and let us know. You won’t be disappointed.

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