What's New - and Coming Soon - in Lexio

Out-of-the-box New Content

1. Introducing Cycle Time Analysis

See the average cycle time of closed/won and closed/lost opportunities to quickly find and understand what went well/poorly. Added bonus - the cycle time of each opportunity will now appear in the table!






2. Enhanced stories & functionality coming soon!

  1. Driver Analysis to answer "Why did this happen?" (October) - Now, within each Lexio story, we quickly answer why something happened so you can hone in on where to take action.
  2. Daily Stories (November) - Select "daily stories" that share (1) what changed relative to yesterday and (2) what's new today.
  3. Comparison (November) - Compare the best salesperson to another, one lead source to another, or one region to another within Lexio stories to quickly identify similarities and differences in pursuit of the ‘so what.’


3. More Stories - including Leads in December.

We're pumped to share that Lexio will communicate on a brand new top, leads. This will improve alignment across sales and marketing. 


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