What's included in the Weekly Digest?

The weekly digest email is sent to your inbox every Monday morning and includes a list of the most relevant stories. It will give you the headline and a portion of the actual story. You can also click "Read more" link to see the full story in Lexio.


Stories must be bookmarked in order to be included in your weekly digest. 


Lexio also has built-in logic to present the most relevant stories first in the weekly digest email. For example, if it's the first week of the month/quarter/year, it will present the stories from that time frame first. Otherwise, it will default to any weekly stories that have been bookmarked. 


You may not see a certain story included in the digest if the story hasn't actually changed since the last digest email. 


Lexio users can also opt out of this feature by toggling the switch on the stories page.

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