2.2 Pipeline Story - Explore By

The "Explore by" section is similar in structure to what you would see in the bookings story, except you have a distinct module for each of the three pipeline topics: new pipeline, current open pipeline, and lost opportunities.


Screen_Shot_2019-11-18_at_5.13.11_PM.png Screen_Shot_2019-11-18_at_5.13.21_PM.png Screen_Shot_2019-11-18_at_5.13.30_PM.png


Changing the “explore by” dimension changes what kind of entities are called out. You can click on callouts from this section to filter the narrative further.


Greatest contributors - Calls out the top entity by the metric (new pipeline, current open pipeline, or lost opportunities). If there is more than one tied for the most, Lexio will call out multiple entities.

e.g. - "Quarter to date, the greatest contributor to new pipeline is the Grey Global Group Inc. account ($350k)."


Top Contributor compared to average - Compares the metric of the top entity to the average of all the entities.

e.g. - "The Wisoky-Bogan account's open pipeline is over seven times ($619.8k) greater than average open pipeline per account ($92.9k)"




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