Lexio Mobile

Need Lexio insights on the go? Log into Lexio on your phone or mobile device to access your bookmarked stories.




Stories will appear much as they do when accessed on a desktop device. Select your desired timeframe analysis using the drop-downs at the top of the story.  




Tap on a numerical  underlined portion in a story to dig deeper into the specifics of what's driving performance.


Screen_Shot_2019-12-02_at_5.12.50_PM.png            Screen_Shot_2019-12-02_at_5.07.49_PM.png


Tap on a descriptive  underlined portion in a story to get an additional story that focuses on that particular measure. 


Screen_Shot_2019-12-02_at_5.04.03_PM.png .           Screen_Shot_2019-12-02_at_5.15.15_PM.png


Use the "Filter" option to focus the story on a particular dimension or set of dimensions.


Screen_Shot_2019-12-02_at_5.20.22_PM.png             Screen_Shot_2019-12-02_at_5.22.40_PM.png


Don't forget to browse the "Lexio Insights" section at the bottom of each story for additional information.





Note: At the moment, commenting and bookmarking are not  available as features in the mobile experience. Keep an eye out for future releases as the mobile experience continues to evolve. 

See the Newsfeed  page for more information on that element of the mobile experience. 















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