• Does the Salesforce app ingest sensitive information (PII)?

    Lexio accesses the following data from Salesforce: Opportunity, Account, and User tables. All fields that are in those objects are pulled into Lexio.

  • Which fields in Salesforce are accessed by Lexio?

    Lexio accesses the following data from Salesforce: Opportunity, Account, and User tables. All fields that are in those objects are pulled into Lexio.

  • When I use Lexio, is my data being sent to Narrative Science?

    Yes, when you create an app and load data into the app by connecting to Salesforce, the data is being transferred to Narrative Science (NS).

  • Where does the data go?

    Narrative Science uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its cloud technology provider. Data is stored in Amazon's Relational Database Service (RDS)

  • What type of data store do you use?

    The database type for Lexio data storage is PostgreSQL.

  • How secure is the data?

    Lexio databases are located in a secured subnet that is not publicly accessible. In order to maintain its SOC-2 Security Certification, it is Narrative Science policy that production databases (the ones where your data will be stored) are not even available to NS employees unless they are granted...

  • How isolated is my data?

    The data contained in each individual app in Lexio is isolated from one another by a different database schema. Not only is data isolated on a per customer basis, but within a single Lexio org data is isolated into each individual app.

  • Are you storing my data?

    Yes, data remains on Narrative Science's servers until an app or org is deleted. Deletion/removal of your organization or any app within your organization results in a complete deletion of your data.   To delete an app, you must have admin access. Navigate to the Data page from your left sidebar....

  • Are you sharing my data?

    No. Narrative Science is not sharing your data with any outside party.

  • What are you doing with my data?

    The contents (individual values, names, etc.) of the data you upload into Lexio is not being used by Narrative Science. In order to train machine learning models that Lexio uses to intelligently guess about how source data columns map to the Lexio knowledge base, we may use column headers as part...