• Webinar! Data Storytelling with Lexio

    Join our webinar to learn how data storytelling + Lexio can help rev ops leaders empower their go-to-market teams with the data they need.   Sign up - https://narrativescience.com/lexio-webinar/     Check out the recording from 9/26 here!  

  • 57% of Sales Reps are Expected to Miss Quota this Year

    Read the full blog post here - https://narrativescience.com/blog/57-percent-of-sales-reps-are-expected-to-miss-quota-this-year   Reactions to Salesforce’s “State of Sales”     I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for a great whitepaper that promises to make me a modern expert in a particular...

  • This One's for You, Ray!

    Read the full blog here - https://narrativescience.com/blog/this-ones-for-you-ray   We pride ourselves on being hyper customer focused     You may have seen my blog post about exactly why that is and where we get inspiration. If you have, you’ll know that I’ve encouraged you to hold the team at ...

  • Narrative Science at Sales Assembly Annual 2019