Lexio's Salesforce narratives are powered by certain data points. The data points Lexio needs for the base Booking and Pipeline story are listed below. This list does not include the numerous other fields that Lexio could be used for filtering/exploring, but these are the ones required to write all the content contained in the base Booking and Pipeline story. 

  1. opportunity.name - the name of the opportunity
  2. opportunity.createddate - when an opportunity enters the pipeline. Also used to calculate cycle time
  3. opportunity.closedate - when an open opportunity is expected to close. Or if it's already closed, when that occurred
  4. opportunity.isclosed - whether or not an opportunity is closed or not. In other words, no longer in the pipeline
  5. opportunity.iswon - whether or not a closed opportunity was won vs lost
  6. opportunity.amount - the dollar amount associated with the opp. e.g. deal size, contract value, bookings, or revenue
  7. opportunity.stagename - the name of the stage that the opportunity is currently in.
  8. opportunity.account - ID of the account that an opportunity belongs to. Used to join to the Account table
  9. opportunity.owner - ID of the salesperson that an opportunity belongs to. Used to join to the User table
  10. account.name - the name of the account that an opportunity belongs to.
  11. user.name - the name of the salesperson/AE that an opportunity belongs to.
  12. lead.name - the name of the lead
  13. lead.createddate - the date that the lead was created
  14. lead.status - the status of the lead


If there are custom fields used in salesforce instead of these standard fields, Lexio must be reconfigured to point to those fields instead.

Driver Analysis Configuration 

For Driver Analysis, the following is a list of the "metrics" associated with the various Salesforce stories.

  • Story Name - metric
  • Bookings amount  - Opportunity.DealSize
  • Number of won opportunities - Opportunity.WonOpportunity
  • Pipeline amount  - Opportunity.Amount
  • Number of created opportunities - Opportunity.Name
  • Lost opportunity amount - Opportunity.LostOpportunitySize
  • Number of lost opportunities - Opportunity.LostOpportunity
  • Leads created - Lead.Name