Did you know you can have the full Lexio experience embedded directly in Salesforce? Here are instructions for creating a Salesforce "tab" so you can use Lexio without ever leaving Salesforce.

Note, you must be a system admin to create the tab. Once the admin has created the tab, others will be able to see it. we find more information about this?


  1. Salesforce Lightning
  2. Salesforce Classic

1. Salesforce Lightning

Create a tab in ‘Setup’

1. Click the gear icon in the upper right to expose the options



2. Click setup to get to the setup experience in Salesforce



3. In the ‘Quick Find’ box, search for ‘Tabs’


4. Click ‘Tabs’ to get to the tab setup experience

5. Scroll down until you get to ‘Web Tabs’

6. Click ‘New’


7. Choose ‘Full page width’ and click ‘Next’


8. Fill in the required fields:

Tab Type: URL

Tab Label: What you will see on your Salesforce pages

Tab Style can be whatever you’d like


9. Click Next


10. In the ‘Button or Link URL’ box is where you will want to put a link to your Organization’s Lexio Stories (https://lexio.narrativescience.com/stories/library)


11. Click ‘Next’

12. Click ‘Next’ again


13. Click Save. This will take you back to the list of tabs and you will see the new tab you’ve created in the list


14. When you return to your regular Salesforce experience, you will now have a tab you can click on to see Lexio stories


15. If you have more tabs, the new tab will appear under ‘More’ in the far right.


Change the order of tabs to have ‘Stories’ show up more prominently on your Salesforce page 

1. Next to more in the list of tabs, click the pencil icon


2. Drag and drop your new tab into the spot you’d want it to appear and hit save. When you refresh, you should see the tab in the new location 




2. Salesforce Classic

1. Click ‘Setup’ 


2. In the ‘Quick Find’ box, type ‘Tabs’ 


3. Click ‘Tabs’ 

* From here, the instructions are the same as Salesforce Lightning 


Change the order of tabs to have ‘Stories’ show up more prominently on your Salesforce page

1. To the right of the last tab, click the ‘+’ button


2. Click the orange ‘Customize My Tabs’ button 

3. Click the tab you want to move and use the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ arrows to set the order 


4. Click ‘Save’