Located to the right of the main story, the Explore by section offers more detail explaining performance based on various dimensions of your data.


Note that the Explore section does not exist for all story types.


You have the option to choose how Lexio breaks down that analysis. Click the dropdown to select an alternate dimension like account, product, or salesperson.




Here you can compare specific dimension values to one another. For example the highest ranking salesperson to the lowest ranking.


Additionally, you have the option to filter the story's content to reflect the entities shown in the bar chart. For example, if you've selected to break down by account and you'd like the narrative to tell you about your top account you can click on the pill in the story (example 1 below). Similarly, you could also click on the first three bars to see the top three accounts (example 2). 


Once applied, you will see the updated story content and the filters reflected next to the filter pill on the top.