Organization Admin

If you have Org Admin permissions in Lexio, you will now see the Admin tab when you open the left sidebar. When you click on "Admin" in the left sidebar, you will be sent to a page where you will see tabs for User admin and Bookmark Admin.


Adding a New User to Your Org

To create a new Lexio user in your Org, click the '+New User' button in the top right corner. The new user will get a "Welcome to Lexio!" email notification once their user account has been created. The new user can then go through the flow of setting their password to finish the Lexio account creation process.

Note: When Org Admins add users, the new user won't necessarily have access to any stories in the Library. A user would need to share stories with them or the admin could create bookmarks for them.


To change the role of an existing user, click on the role dropdown (either Member or Administrator) in Lexio Role column and change the selection. 

Members will only see Stories (Newsfeed and Library) and Support in the main menu on the left.

Administrators will see Data and Admin as well.

You can manage an individual's Newsfeed Topics as well in the dropdown of the Newsfeed column. This controls which Topics the user will see in the Newsfeed.

Pinned Metrics
You can manage an individual's Pinned Metrics through User admin. In the Pinned Metrics columns, you can open a dialog box to customize Pinned Metrics for an individual. 

Update multiple users at once for the same Pinned Metrics by using the bulk update feature.

Bookmark Stories

Be sure to remember to bookmark stories for new users. This ensures they have relevant stories in their Library. Learn more in Bookmark Admin.

Remove User

You can also remove them from the organization completely by clicking the three-dot button on the far right side. If they are removed from the org, they will no longer have access to any of the stories in that organization.

Setting them to Unprivileged User can be selected as a way to disable all permissions for a user without actually deleting them entirely. This is done by finding the user in User > Admin and clicking the dropdown under "role" and selecting Unprivileged User.


Member Workflow for Adding Users

Note that members are also able to add users to the org by sharing stories with non-members. The steps are outlined in the Sharing Your Lexio Stories article.


When a Member shares a story, that new user will only have access to the specific story that the Member shared with them. This action also creates a user account in the organization's Admin page with that user's information.