This article will explain how Lexio deals with empty cells in CSVs or empty values in Salesforce columns. When reading Salesforce stories, this article will pertain to cases of:

  1. Opportunities that do not have an amount filled in
  2. IsClosed or IsWon is blank
  3. Dimensions such as 'Lead Source' or 'Account Industry' is not filled in


1. In the case of a numerical field being used in a story (i.e., Opportunity Amount) being null or empty during the timeframe the story is about (for example, looking at the New Pipeline Story for this week where two opportunities created this week do not have amounts):

  • The '# of opportunities' mentioned in the story will be inclusive of both opportunities WITH amounts and opportunities WITHOUT amounts
  • Aggregates such as 'average' will be calculated based on filling in the empty values with $0
  • When you examine the table of opportunities, you will see the amount represented with $0


Example SF Data:

DateOpportunity Amount
     4/10/19     Opp 1     $1000     
     4/11/19     Opp 2      
     4/12/19     Opp 3     $3000     
     4/13/19     Opp 4     $5000     
     4/14/19     Opp 5      


Your Lexio story will say you have 5 opportunities with an average deal size of $1,800. When you look at the opportunities in Lexio, your table would have.

DateOpportunity     Amount
     4/10/19     Opp 1     $1000     
     4/11/19     Opp 2     $0     
     4/12/19     Opp 3     $3000     
     4/13/19     Opp 4     $5000     
     4/14/19     Opp 5     $0     


2. In the case of dimension values (i.e., Lead Source or Industry), those will be represented by N/A in both the content you read in Lexio, and in any visualizations. Using New Pipeline as an example, if you are breaking down by industry, and the largest total of pipeline is coming from opportunities where the account industry is blank, you will see 'N/A' as the greatest contributor.

Date     Opportunity     AmountIndustry
     4/10/19     Opp 1      $1000          Automotive     
     4/11/19     Opp 2      $2000          Manufacturing     
     4/12/19     Opp 3      $3000          Automotive     
     4/13/19     Opp 4      $5000      
     4/14/19     Opp 5      $10000      

Your Lexio story will say "The greatest contributor to pipeline was N/A ($15,000)"

3. In the case of booleans (True/False) columns (i.e., if an opportunity IsWon), when there is no value, the default will be 'False'. Therefore, in this case:

     4/10/19     Opp 1      $1000          True     
     4/11/19     Opp 2      $2000          False     
     4/12/19     Opp 3      $3000          True     
     4/13/19     Opp 4      $5000      
     4/14/19     Opp 5      $10000      

Your Bookings would be $4,000 across two deals and your # of Lost Opps would be three because those empty values will be filled in with 'False'.