Newsfeed is where users can find the most current updates to make sure everyone can keep a pulse on the business

Scroll through the headlines and brief summaries to stay up-to-date, and if anything stands out click "View Current Story" to explore the full story behind that call-out.

Your Summary

Your summary is your personalized home page in Lexio. Here you'll find a KPI box with a short summary for each of the three metrics you care about most. From there, you can explore to dig deeper from any of these starting points. 

You can personalize this by customizing which metrics show up in Your Summary. Click customize to open a modal that allows you to choose the metric, time frame, and topic (a set of filters) to power each of the three pinned metrics. 

Your summary is just one way to personalize your Lexio experience. Remember that you can Bookmark your favorite stories and retrieve them later from the Library

Notable Insights

Notable Insights surface the most important updates to the top of your feed. Lexio analyzes all of your metrics and determines what is outside the usual range for the current period. It cuts out the noise and helps you focus on what's really most important, good or bad.

It uses an outlier detection model to analyze historical values. When the actual value is meaningfully higher or lower than expected, it's called out as a notable insight.

Seasonality is common in many businesses, so be sure to consider the year-over-year comparison alongside the higher/lower outlier analysis.

Note that Notable Insights focuses its assessment on the previous full period of data (e.g. last week), except when a period is more than 40% of the way complete, in which case it will assess the period-to-date (e.g. this week). For 'this period' analysis, the historical periods are also 'to-date' values to ensure the comparison is apples-to-apples. The 40% threshold is configurable.


Newsfeed cards are organized by topics. This allows you to scroll through more focused collections of insights depending on what you are interested in at that moment. Users will have the option to follow (or unfollow) topics depending on what's most relevant to them. My Feed is a collection of all the topics you follow. 

Topics can be created by admins and can be configured according to any of the filterable dimensions you may want to see. 

following and unfollowing
the filters applied to this topic