Organization Admin

If you have Org Admin permissions in Lexio, you will now see the Admin tab when you open the left sidebar. When you click on "Admin" in the left sidebar, you will be sent to a page where you will see tabs for User admin and Bookmark Admin.



Bookmarking allows users to save preferred versions of stories (certain time periods or filters). It's recommended that Admins create a set of bookmarks for all new users to help them get familiar with Lexio and to ensure they are getting an appropriate experience for their role. 

Bookmarking Best Practices for Admins

Lexio makes it easy for end-users to explore their data by using time period selections and filters. But when users aren't always aligned on the "right" filters for certain business contexts, it can lead to confusion. We recommend setting up standard bookmarks for users to minimize this misalignment and reduce the likelihood of misinterpreting the data.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

  • Relevance, Adoption and Usage - Setting up bookmarks gives new users a starting place when they first explore the tool. It helps them view the data through the right lens and immediately get value out of the tool.
  • Time Periods - these selections are most effective when selected by the end-user. In other words, instead of creating bookmarks for Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual stories, it may be better to let the user select the time period that is most relevant during their day-to-day usage of the tool. 
  • Standardize Analysis - There may be several dimensions that all provide a similar breakdown (e.g. product and service may both be used to define a line of business). Identify the dimension that makes the most sense for this analysis and build everyone's bookmarks around that. Consider even removing the other dimension entirely if it's just going to cause confusion.
  • Data Governance/Permissioning - Lexio is helps promote transparency of data, but there may be times where not everyone should see all the data. You can use bookmarks to help keep people in their own lanes. Note that they can still remove the filter on their own and be able to access data outside that scope, but setting up bookmarks in this way encourages users to look at data that is specific to them.