Q.  Where did the pipeline health story go?

The new experience no longer has multi-measure stories, i.e., stories that discuss more than one metric. Pipeline Health bookmarks have now been separated into 3 separate stories.

Q. What happens to bookmarks that were created previously before the new experience was added?

Bookmarks need to be recreated for the new experience. If they are a multi-metric story, you have to decide which single stories to make new bookmarks since the new experience does not support multi-metric stories. Your CSM is here to help you recreate your bookmarks, reach out to us at lexiosupport@narrativescience.com

Q. Why don’t I see the new experience?

If you are an existing customer, our CSM team is enabling customers based on readiness. Please contact lexiosupport@narrativescience.com for more information. 

Q. How is Lexio suggesting stories in the ‘what to read next’ section on the right hand side?

Read up about the recommendation engine here.

Q. Can I still make bookmarks?

You can bookmark individual stories, using the bookmark icon (nearly identical to prior flow).  but you cannot bookmark/save/export an entire “flow” at this time. This capability is coming soon. 

Q. I notice that when I click multiple follow-ups, I get multiple tabs in Lexio.  This makes it really easy to see my path!  Can I save this entire set of bookmarks together as one flow?

You cannot bookmark/save/export an entire “flow” at this time. This capability is coming soon (potentially with the ability to export to common tools like PPT)

Q. Can I customize my ‘what to read next’ stories? 

While you cannot select which stories to show in ‘what to read next’, you can adjust the filters to showcase new stories (ex. Timeframe.) The drivers that are configured by the admin will also impact the follow up stories. Read up about the recommendation engine here.