Lexio Mobile App: Download the Lexio Mobile App and put it on the homepage of your mobile device right next to your work email. Your team can then check Lexio anytime they are looking at email or checking in on other things on mobile, any time of day. Pinned Metrics are a great way to start using mobile to check Lexio!

Find Out “The Why” Behind Notable Insights:  Take time each day to read through the new Notable insights on your Lexio newsfeed and either “explore” to find out more or discuss with your teams to uncover the drivers of the change.

Add Goals to Lexio: Most tools require interpretation and manual effort in order to determine performance, which likely means this isn’t done often or it is taking a lot of someone's time. We’re giving Lexio the context it needs by enabling you to add your company goals into Lexio, so you can see how your success metrics are tracking towards your targets. 

Customize Your Notifications: Set your email digest to daily vs weekly to remind you to review the newsfeed each morning so you can act on key changes as soon as they happen.

Use Lexio as a Pre-Read: One really powerful tactic is starting meetings with the same facts - so teams can focus on what to do about it. If you can identify one key operational meeting with a Lexio champion as the facilitator, have them enforce the pre-read ( e.g 'raise your hand if you've already reviewed the KPIs today?, Put a link to the Lexio story in the recurring calendar invite as a reminder)' and it will drive data-driven decision making at the levels underneath.

Share:  Share interesting stories with other Lexio users by using the “share” button in each story when you find something surprising or relevant to your colleagues/team.

Lexio as The Source of Truth: There is a network effect with Lexio. The more people use Lexio through the steps listed above, the more people will start viewing it as a primary source of information and source of truth. If people start seeing that Lexio is being referenced in meetings (or used live), they will be more inclined to build the habit themselves of checking or using Lexio before those meetings.