Lexio was built to give you real-time updates about your top metrics. Commenting gives you the opportunity to collaborate on a moment in time and add non-data-driven context to stories.

Users can initiate a discussion or ask a clarifying question to members of their organization by tagging a user within a comment, or they can proactively identify the context of their data by pinning comments on a Lexio story.


Tag to collaborate with your team

When you tag someone, the comment will be sent via email to the user, along with a snapshot of the story. Tagging is best for collaborating on a story in real-time.  ("@user This week’s number doesn’t look right, can you look into it?")

Comments only remain active* for 7 days because, by nature, Lexio content is temporary - it constantly updates as time passes and new data comes in.

The story snapshot in the email ensures the tagged user has context from the original story at the time of the comment. 

* see below for inactive comments

Note: Commenting in a thread does not automatically keep you notified at this time, so you must tag someone in order to send the story snapshot.

Pinned comments to add context

Pinning a comment saves it to the top of a card or story, and is helpful for adding context or surfacing conversations that could be relevant to multiple users and won’t become irrelevant over time. 

Pinned comments are best used for external events or circumstances that you want users to see first and might help explain the full ‘why’ behind your numbers. As an analyst, context is especially helpful if you want to add a more detailed analysis to the story or get ahead of any questions that you might foresee with the data.

Note: Pinned comments will not be removed from a story unless a user deletes it. 

Ex: - “Reminder that we revised our sales funnel stages in Q1”

      - “We launched the new website on 2/11"

      - "You can click this link to see our strategy deck for these opps."

Note - Inactive comments

To prioritize the most pertinent conversations, comments over 7 days will move to the in-active toggle, but can still be accessed by clicking the dropdown to reveal All Comments. 

Pinned comments will remain active forever, a user must delete a comment in order to remove it.

You can also make a comment active again by responding to a thread.


How does this compare to commenting in other BI tools?

Commenting in other BI tools are always secondary to the content itself - usually sequestered away in a modal somewhere, where you can't find it unless you specifically look for it. Lexio commenting is front-and-center, explicitly for the purposes of ensuring that business users can always find the context they need, when and where they want it. 

Who will have access to the comments?

Comment access matches whoever has access to that data/story.

How do the comment icons work?

They are orange whenever there is an active comment and the count is of all the comments ever made (active or all)

Can I resolve a comment?

You do not have to resolve comments. They will move to the ‘All Comments’ part of the story, and currently, in order to change a comment that was already posted, you can delete and re-post the comment.

How does this relate to my comments in tool X (e.g. Salesforce)?

In a few months (4-8 weeks), we will have the ability to access Salesforce from Lexio.  Users will be able to open up opportunities in Salesforce directly from inside Lexio to read about more details that are not included in Lexio.  This will include all Salesforce comments that have been left on the opportunity page, but not in Lexio.

Can you tag multiple people in one comment?

Yes, you can tag each person’s name individually. There is not an option for group tagging at this time. 

Can I bring back comments after they’ve expired?

Yes, by commenting on the thread.

Can I make a comment that never expires?

Yes, by pinning it to a story or pinned metric.

Can I edit comments?

You cannot edit comments, but you can delete comment and repost them.

What if I tag someone without an account?

They will be able to see the comment and story mentioned via email, but not log into Lexio.

Can I reply back to a comment by responding to the email Lexio sends?

No - you can click the link via email to log back into Lexio and respond to the comment you were tagged in. 


Getting Started

We suggest that you select two to five of your best data changemakers within your organization and create a habit by leaving a comment and tagging your team whenever you go into Lexio to draw people into the stories and start the conversation. 

We believe that adoption will start top-down by business leaders or executives asking questions to their team/direct reports. Then it will encourage proactive pinning of context and tagging others in order to get ahead of these questions. 

Suggested steps for adoption:

  • Executives or business leaders tag their team to ask questions on the data/metrics, or celebrate a win.
  • Owners of a metric jump into Lexio to respond to the question -- they review the stories and add any other context, then respond to their manager/team. Ideally, they are proactively doing this and we believe they will once they get in the habit in order to avoid questions.
  • Analysts review the stories to add deeper analysis or clarity to issues in the data on a consistent cadence.