How are people using Lexio in their day-to-day? 

Morning Routine - trying to stay in the loop

Glance at your Newsfeed on the mobile app. The stuff you always care about is visible first (your Pinned Metrics). Any unusual results, good or bad, will be easy to spot with Notable Insights. 

Deep Dive Analysis (weekly/monthly/quarterly) - trying to improve processes

Take some time to reflect at the end of a new week, month or quarter. Lexio will provide concise recaps of what happened. This performance likely won't be a surprise to you because you'll be in the loop this whole time, but it still might be a good time to reflect and dig into the "why". You might need to take action to correct something. You might want to give someone a shoutout. Take some time to reflect.

Routine Reporting - trying to keep others in the loop

Replace report distributions with Lexio stories. Reduce the time you spend creating reports and provide status updates on metrics. Newsfeed digests can be scheduled Daily or Weekly, and any bookmark can be shared via email whenever you need to.

Professional Development - trying to get better at my job

Use Lexio to track key performance metrics and goals for yourself and your team. Come prepared to your regular 1:1 meetings by reviewing key metrics ahead of time.

Take Action - trying to make an impact

Insights are only as good as the action that comes from them. If you see something interesting or problematic, take action by sharing and commenting.