Once you have validated your data in Lexio and built out your metrics, topics and any bookmarks, you are ready to start adding users to Lexio and configuring their user accounts. Please refer to our video below for step by step instruction on this process:

Here are some best practices to apply:

  • Make sure all of your topics, metrics and stories are already configured before you start to add your users.

  • Start a spreadsheet that has all users and which topics/pinned metrics/bookmarks that you want to set up for each user. You can see an example here

  • You will be adding each user to Lexio by using their email address. They immediately get a “Welcome to Lexio” email (see screen shot below) prompting them to set up their password and login. Therefore, you want to add them to Lexio and quickly configure their pinned metrics, topics and bookmarks.

  • Make sure your users are getting the “Welcome to Lexio” emails; they can sometimes end up in spam folders or even blocked by your email provider.