Follow these instructions to set up Okta single sign on for your organization on Lexio.

Upon successful complete of these instructions, reach out to your Narrative Science customer success resource for final verification of set-up.

You will need to provide Narrative Science with the following:

- Sign In URL

- X.509 Certificate

  1. Create the Lexio application within the Okta instance
    1. Select Applications > Applications from the left-hand navigation menu, and then select Create App Integration
    2. Select the SAML 2.0 radio button and click Next.
      1. 1. General Settings
        1. Enter "Lexio" as the App name, and provide the IT admin with a Lexio logo for the App logo, if desired.
        2. Click Next.
      2. 2. Configure SAML
        1. Single sign on URL:$CONNECTION_NAME
          1. Replace $CONNECTION_NAME with the name of the Auth0 SAML connection.
          2. Check the Use this for Recipient URL and Destination URL box.
        2. Audience URI (SP Entity ID): urn:auth0:lexio-prod:$CONNECTION_NAME
          1. Replace $CONNECTION_NAME with the name of the Auth0 SAML connection.
        3. Click Next
      3. 3. Feedback
        1. Select the I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app radio button
        2. Click Finish
  2. Retrieve the Sign In URL and X.509 Certificate
    1. In the application's Sign On tab, select View Setup Instructions.
    2. Retrieve the Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL (e.g.
    3. Retrieve the X.509 Certificate by clicking Download certificate.